Principles in the Kitchen



Kitchefficiency is all about taking a scientific and logical approach towards developing fundamentals in the kitchen. The aim is to improve and enhance YOUR journey as a modern day culinarian!


KITCHEFFICIENCY – Maximizing the amount of flavorful, healthful goodness produced with the least expenditure of labor and expense.


Our original perspective comes from the world of science, engineering and manufacturing. This knowledge combined with our penchant for preparing the most flavorful, healthy, and efficient sustenance encourages us to continually learn and adapt these kitchen-focused principles.

It all began with Bobert’s favorite breakfast concoction — one cinnamon raisin bagel, a swath of cream cheese, two fried eggs & a slice of cheddar. Over time, taste buds matured and the recipe grew to include sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, crispy andouille sausage, steamed spinach, fresh tomatoes, among other flavors of the week. A simple daily breakfast had evolved into an unmanageable, gourmet feast. He had to develop a way to maintain the uniquely developed flavor profile, while balancing the length of the production cycle in response to an increasingly busy lifestyle. He optimized his kitchen layout, analyzed every step of the recipe, identified more appropriate tools — and followed the analysis with endless experimentation and iteration to minimize the amount of time spent on this daily recipe. The 5 minute breakfast and Kitchefficiency were born.

The content is intended for all hungry audiences from the Easy Mac® aficionado to the lifelong executive chef — with the shared goal of innovation in your own kitchen. We always welcome any suggestions on how to improve our delivery, content, or interface!


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