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This is the Year you Finally Do It! (and more achievable goals)

This is the Year you Finally Do It! (and more achievable goals)


New year, new you. You’ve been talking a big game about the sweeping changes you’re going to make with everybody you ran into from high school throughout the holiday. Is this the year you are finally going to execute? I struggle with this, daily. All talk, not a whole lot of movement. Life happens, we get busy, how we spend our time doesn’t always align with what our “real” priorities are. And next year rolls around. Meanwhile, we keep asking ourselves how to take action?


Breaking the mold and finally taking action


Set appropriate goals that align with your “big priorities”. Our 7th grade teachers tried to teach us about goal setting, but since we knew everything at that point in life, there was no reason to listen. Never too late to get back to the fundamentals. Write those goals down and you’re much more likely to achieve them. One tactic I have found incredibly helpful is to set smaller, achievable goals. The big goals are the end game and should align with your core values & priorities, but it is the daily building blocks that really end up moving the needle. It’s much more motivating to reach smaller goals than to continually feel like you’re not achieving that HUGE goal. Once you get good at setting realistic goals for yourself, challenge yourself up a notch.


Another tactic I heard from a friend, somewhere downstream of a cliché motivational speaker or blogger I’m sure, but hey – the content is solid. 6 goals in 6 weeks (if anyone knows the original source, please shoot me a note). I tried this for the first time in October this year, and actually achieved 5/6 goals! I then got overzealous and overcomplicated things, and attempted to address 6 different LARGE goals before the year end. Take a look at this cluster$%*&:



A few lessons learned in this one, but all in all, this simple strategy is pretty motivating. The power of this was impressive and gratifying – I had been “talking” about writing music for over a year…and doing very little to NONE of it. Literally the first day I put these goals on the chalkboard, I wrote a full set of lyrics, put it to a melody, and recorded a full song –amazing how the right amount of discipline can encourage the creative spirit.


The important thing that a little bit of goal setting has made me realize is how I’m spending my time. If you’re not achieving your goals, you’re probably not aligning your time with what you are “saying” is important to you. There’s no need to lie to yourself, you’re the only one who listens to everything in your head. The irony here is that I work a full-time job during the week and expect to be the best at what I do, yet none of my 6 goals for the year end were focused around this. Talk about lying to yourself. New year, new me, so I’m sure this is the one where I finally stop lying to myself, actually start holding myself accountable, and executing those goals. Good luck to you!


Until next year,


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