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It’s About TIME

It’s About TIME


It’s All About TIME. It’s no coincidence that throughout the ages, popular poetry has been written about this very concept. It’s perhaps the simplest, most common resource that everything on this earth (and perhaps even space) shares — yet perhaps it is the least understood. The planet moves with it, the rocks change with it, the trees grow with it, and the humans philosophize about it. Very few of us know just exactly how much time we have in front of us, but we count exactly how much is behind us. It’s a finite resource. It should be kept most sacred. The best part is — every human being has the exact same amount in common every, single, waking day.


24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds.


Every single person on this planet has the exact same amount of time every single day. Repeat this in your head. This is the first step. Fully grasping this concept is something few have done. For the effective utilizers of this enlightenment, the possibilities are truly limitless. Think about it a little more. Write it down. Punch it in a calculator. I’m pretty sure we did the math right here. Oprah has the exact same amount of time each day that you do. POTUS hasn’t discovered a time turner yet. The math still checks out even for your older, lazier siblings that spent 5 years pursuing that art degree. It’s all the same.

“Time, I don’t understand” – Hootie & The Blowfish

So why are we just figuring this out now? What took so long? Why did we go to 12 years of school and never fully understand this concept? We believe this to be the single most kept secret of our age. The most common misconception. The brilliant mystery of success. With this understanding, you have no choice but to live every single moment with pure intention and to its’ fullest potential.


Here at Kitchefficiency — we strive to educate you on this very topic. To provide some structure to maximize YOUR time.


We want to answer the question for you that the great modern philosophers have posed; we want to be that someone or something that shows you the way.


“Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time” – Pink Floyd


Get on board, do the calculation. Set a goal for yourself. Take the Challenge and find an extra hour in your day. Fill your schedule with intention. Define what makes you happy and align your time accordingly. Just know, for all this reading — our goal is for you to take action. So stop reading right now. Guess what? You just found 10 extra minutes. That one’s on the house.

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